Sierra (KNL Company Ltd')

In year 2014, at the time of Myanmar’s Telecommunication boom, that sierra, Sri Lanka and KNL,Myanmar jointly strode into the field of Telecom Engineering. Since then, its expertise in the latest techniques of design and implementation has equipped it to handle any major project work. The speed, efficiency, networking and reliability with which it delivers the services has impressed its every client.

Area of Work

  • Design and Construction of outside plant networks
  • Installation of wired and wireless subscriber networks
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of telecommunication networks
  • Installation of optical fiber transmission networks
  • Installation of Transmission systems and Towers
  • Installation & Commissioning of Telecom Equipment

IGT Power Maintenance Project

The Managed Network Operations solution assumes operational fault management responsibility for all or a subset of a telecom carrier’s network through a central NOC (Network Operation Center) This includes Fault Management, Monitoring, and Event Notification with key performance indicators as well as Fault Diagnosis and Trouble Resolution. Our Field teams also attend all preventive and Corrective Maintenance activities regarding Diesel Generator and filling up, shelters, tower, etc. We provide 24 x 7 network surveillance and trouble resolution.


Sierra KNL is the most suitable company to define and implement required standards in OSP construction work. Complete site rollout from SA and TSSR up to power equipment installation and commissioning including total civil and tower erection, Gen Set, Rectifier sys and BB installation (Covering total rollout management including shipments and W/H)

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