Sungebarline Beach

SUNGEBARLINE, Japan Beach is located in Kawthaung Township, Tanintharyi Region. It is a natural beach with a length of more than 6,000 feet, located in the Sungebarline Village tract (Latitude 10 ° 30’19.32 “N, Longitude 98 ° 29’7.02” E).

It is about 50 miles away from Kawthaung. It is located at a distance of nautical mile (also sea mile) about 32 miles. It offers beautiful scenery, landmarks, water sports and a variety of fun activities.

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Near the coast of SUNGEBARLINE, Japan Beach (about 35 miles) there is many famous islands and villages: Birds Nest island, Thandar Ni island, Thandar Net island, Khar Phyat island, Lampi island, Kyun Phi lar, Wa Ale island, Jalan island, Hlaing Gu island, 115 island, Honeymoon island, Poni & Balar island, Bonetkyaw island and Ma Kyoun Galat & Nyaung Wee villages. We can arrange to visit there by boat and islands overnight tours with our best services.

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