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Trading (Dried Konjac Power)

Cleaning & Slicing

WASHING fresh KONJAC prior to slicing (Utmost care is taken in the cleaning process to get customer’s satisfaction.)

Sun burn to be dried

CHIPPING of fresh Konjac under natural sun shine (More thinner the slice more faster the dried)

Ready Cargo

Preparing READY cargo of DRIED KONJAC through hand picked selection and vacuum machine packaging. (Best quality DRIED KONJAC is obtained through Hand Picked Selection, Sun Drying, Purifying, Storage and Packaging.) WEIGHING of 2.5KG Bag of DRIED KONJAC (Ready Cargo for export) in vacuum plastic bag. (For the production of premium quality processed raw material)

Konjac Organic Certificate

Konjac Organic Certificate

Grinding and Cooling

Grinding and Cooling After grinding the chip to powder and cooling them for ready to be packed in the factory.