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About Us

1. K & L Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1995-1996 when it started out in the field of earthwork. Going through the learning curve, initially as a subcontractor company, engaging in a wide range of jobs in the service profession, the company started to grow through the years.And finally, today, it has grown and emerged as a stable and successful service company especially in the field of earth work in Myanmar.

2. In the year 1995-1996 from the state of a subcontractor, K&L stepped up its activity to the status of a contractor. Expansion in activity include works with Government dam projects in 1997-1998, Sea water prawn farming in 2000-2001, earth embankment works for fish pond construction in fresh water fish farming in 2001-2002 and in 2004-2005, breeding and farming of fresh water fish.

3. In the year 2002, K & L Co.,Ltd. founded Shwe Ka Hsoun Co.,Ltd, a sister company to enable the company to conduct business venture sector by sector but both the companies remain the same.

4. The activities of the company starting from year 2005-2006 include works mostlyGovernment Project with embankment building for projects, railroad constructionworks, irrigation canal construction works, hydroelectric power works such as those in Ye Ywa, Kun Chaung, Paung Laung, and rock moving / earth moving and earth filling for embankment construction; thereby rendering services through an upgraded programme of expansion and extension to the full satisfication of entrepreneurs.

5. Moreover, in the year 2006, K & L Co.,Ltd.. expanded in the field of trading sector and construction . And then to be able to do business in these sectors, Shwe Da Gu Co.,Ltd. and Shwe Na Yone Co.,Ltd. were founded as sister firms. In the trading sector, export of Dried Konjac, a natural tuber, in its processed raw material form, is being ventured and in building construction, work is being undertaken in cooperation with the Department of Human Settlement & Housing Development.

6. Employing advanced methods in modern technology and putting into service, modernized machinery and equipment, K & L Co.,Ltd. has upgraded its human resources including intellectuals, technical advisors and technicians in the setup of it’s organization and ever doing its level best to fulfill the requirement of entrepreneurs, in time.

K & L Co., Ltd.

(G3),Ta Pin Shwe Htee Tower, Corner of Ta Pin Shwe Htee Street & Nyaung Tone Street,Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.
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(G3),Ta Pin Shwe Htee Tower, Corner of Ta Pin Shwe Htee Street & Nyaung Tone Street, Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.


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